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The team at MPC is here to help you and will provide you advice on how to get yourself referred to one of the specialists. However, it's important to note that emergency services are not provided at the centre. If you need urgent attention, please call 000 or attend at your nearest emergency department.

In most occasions, a referral from your GP is required prior to your initial appointment. This referral ensures that you receive medicare rebate for your appointment with psychiatrist.

Some people may require a mental health treatment plan to be completed by their GP in order to seek rebate for psychology appointment. If you feel unable to ask your GP, call us to see how we can help.

First Appointment

The first appointment will be for an hour and include detailed initial assessment. All assessments are confidential and any information you provide us is kept safe.

The initial assessment focuses on establishing your concerns, desired outcomes, applicable diagnosis and an initial treatment plan.

We understand that for some people this may be a new experience and for others it may be a fresh start. We are here to listen to you in detail and make sure that you are comfortable throughout the process.

Following an initial assessment, a treatment plan will be discussed with you which could include information about your diagnosis, information on helpful strategies, recommendations for treatment and if indicated, advice on medication.

Fees and Rebates

Medicare provides rebates for psychiatry and psychology consultations. The cost for your appointment is usually higher than medicare rebate. The payment arrangements vary depending on the choice of practitioner, length of session, etc. A list of current fees will be provided at the time of booking your initial appointment. All fees are to be paid in full on the day of your appointment.

Medicare provides additional support through Medicare Safetynet. Rebates will be higher once you or your family reaches the annual Medicare Safety Net threshold. Kindly call Medicare on 132011 for further advice.


We understand that unexpected situations can make it hard to attend scheduled appointments. If this happens, the team at MPC will appreciate 24 hours notice so that we allocate the time to another patient on the waiting list. We will also help you to reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time. Contact us on 03 9193 8502.

For all confirmed appointment which are not attended or 24 hours' notice isn't provided, cancellation charges will apply. We will advise you of these charges at the time of your initial appointment.

I have a question

Please don't hesitate to submit your non urgent enquiry on our Contact Us page. Please note that we aim to respond in two business days.