GP/ Specialists Referral - The MPC

Thanks for choosing The Melbourne Psychiatry for your patient’s mental health needs. Our dedicated accredited specialists play an important role in providing a range of treatments that suits your patient’s individual needs.

How to refer:

To refer your patient to one of our specialist, please fill the form below. Please fax the referral/ Mental Health Care plan to our centre at 03 91938508. Alternatively, you could send us the referral via argus at or email at Once the referral is accepted by a specialist, the patient will be contacted for an appointment date. Information to be included in the referral:

  • Patient name and DOB
  • Patient contact details
  • Diagnosis details
  • Referring doctor’s provider number, argus and other contact details

GP/ Specialist Referral Form

    Referring Doctor:

    Patient Details:


    Reason for Referral:

    Psychiatry AssessmentTMS ReferralPsychology AssessmentOther

    For TMS, please advise medical conditions that may affect TMS Treatment:

    History of seizuresHead InjuryNeuro SurgeryImplant to head or neckMetal pins or plates to headPacemakerOther medical pumps or stimulatorsCochlear implants

    If any of the above is ticked, please provide additional information.

    Our office will contact your patient to book the appointment once the referral has been received. After the first appointment, the psychiatrist/ psychologist will communicate with you about your patient’s care and any treatments, medications, or procedures that the patient requires.